What hotels do you pick up at?

  • We pick up at most hotels in the downtown Seattle area. Please see our hotel list page for all the hotels we can pick up from.

Where can I join the tour if I’m not staying at a hotel?

  • If you are not staying at a hotel, you can be picked up at our main pickup point which is at the Hyatt Regency Seattle located on 808 Howell Street, Seattle, WA 98101. Please make sure you are waiting on the 8th Avenue side where the charter bus loading signs are.

Do you pick up at hotels at the SeaTac Airport area?

  • We are only able to pick up at certain hotels in SeaTac and Tukwila for our Pre-Cruise Transport Tour. For all other tours, you will need to meet us at one of our meeting points (Hyatt Regency Seattle or Westlake Center).

What is the best way to get from SeaTac to downtown Seattle?

  • The easiest option is to take an Uber, Lyft, or taxi to the Hyatt Regency Seattle for pickup.
  • Another option is to take the link light rail from the Airport station towards the University of Washington Station and exit at the Westlake Stop. When you exit, take the escalator upstairs (there will be two different sets of escalators) to get to street level. When you arrive at street level, you will be between 3rd and 4th Avenue. Head north towards 4th Avenue and you will see the sign for Buffalo Wild Wings located on 1624 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101. Our bus will pick you up right in front of the restaurant at Westlake Center.

Where can I park my vehicle in downtown Seattle?

  • Downtown Seattle – Pacific Place Garage located on 600 Pine St, Seattle, WA 98101.
  • Pike Place Market – Pike Place Market Parking Garage located on 1531 Western Ave, Seattle WA 98101.
  • Space Needle – Republic Parking (Memorial Stadium Parking) located on 401 5th Ave N, Seattle WA 9109.

Do I need to bring a printed voucher or copy of my confirmation?

  • If you book directly on our website or over the phone, a printed voucher or confirmation will not be needed. Our tour guides will check you in by name prior to boarding the bus.

How do I know which bus is yours?

  •  All of of tour buses are white and marked with Tours Northwest on the front or side. As well, we have a black Ford transit van marked with Tours Northwest that we use to shuttle passengers. Our drivers should be wearing a yellow shirt or jacket that says Tours Northwest and will be looking for you by name.

Do you have wheelchair accessible buses?

  • We have a 12-passenger wheelchair accessible bus that requires a minimum 7 days notice to reserve and is based on availability of tours. We can only accommodate for the wheelchair lift bus on our City Tours and Boeing Factory Tours. If you will only have a folding wheelchair, it can be stored on any of our buses with advanced notice.